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Regarding Safety and Head Injuries

The sport of boxing was recently profiled on the National News. A group is attempting to have the minimum age of participants in boxing raised to 18 years old. The truth about the sport of boxing in Prince Albert and most boxing clubs is that 90 percent of people training in the sport will never box in the ring and will never be struck by an opponent.

All participants can choose to train like a boxer in all aspects of the sport but have the option to not Spar in the ring or actually compete.

None of our participants are allowed in the ring until the coaches determine they are ready.

This is determined by their ability to fully participate in all exercises without difficulty and the demonstration of the boxer knowing how to defend against an opponent. There is a drastic difference in professional boxing and amateur boxing. The sport of boxing has come under some scrutiny with head injuries as it is a sport that promotes hitting to the person's head and body.

However, unlike professional boxing, amateur boxers use protective head gear and use heavier gloves that assist the boxer in not receiving a serious head injury. Amateur boxing (now known as Olympic Style) promotes scoring punches which does not have to be the hard thrown punches people have become accustomed to. The fact is, people who do compete in the ring as amateur's suffer fewer head injuries than many of the most popular sports that people do not hesitate to register their children into. Boxer’s compete against their own weight classes, not against all shapes and sizes like all most other sports.

People who train as boxers are known to be athletes who are in top physical condition. Boxing is excellent for cross training for all other sports as it will enhance your cardio, core strength, balance and coordination.

People who choose to compete in Amateur boxing in Prince Albert can have the opportunity to travel to many different cities in Saskatchewan, Albert and BC. The Thomas Settee Boxing Club offers affordable prices on memberships. Kid’s Sport has assisted several members in the past.

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